Hockey fun on a frozen lake

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So if you live in Sweden you probably love the cold –  but if you’re ready to wake up at 5 A.M. in the morning, pack your gear and get out in the wild to play the game – then you definitely love hockey.

That’s exactly what we did back in January with Almtuna’s Oscar Milton. We followed him to Bjorklinge, his hometown where he used to play icehockey as a kid. Little did we anticipate that we were in for an exciting (and freezing cold) morning session of outdoor hockey. Mesmerizing nature, the calm and the crisp of the cold wilderness, is all a true hockey enthusiast can ask for.

At blades we usually film separate drills and compose short videos showing a certain move from different angles. That was our goal in Bjorklinge as well, but seeing how beautiful the setting was we decided to make a short story out of our trip. It still brings smiles and great memories to everyone involved in filming /production.
Apart from all the fun we had on the frozen lake there was one major takeaway for the entire Blades team – next time the shooting (especially in the wild) will only happen with a thermos full of hot chocolate :).

And if you didn’t have enough of this astonishingly beautiful nature, here’s another photo we took during this session


Hockey frozen lake

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