Blades is the hockey entertainment network for the mobile generation.

You probably checked Facebook twice and Instagram once while reading this sentence.

I know I did. Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish.

You know how experts have been calling mobile “the second screen”? That’s over. Finito. It won’t come back. Mobile is the first screen.

People love sports. But they don’t consume it the way they did when TV was the main screen. Sports needs to be accessible, easy to watch, short and entertaining. And that’s what we’ve settled to bring to ice hockey.

Hockey isn’t just what’s happening during the games.

We are mixing the mobile angle with our favorite sport. We partner with professional hockey players to create and deliver original content to hockey fans. We bring it through a digital magazine sent by email to our subscribers and established using social media as delivery platforms.



Blades is edited in Sweden by a company called Nerdy Makers.

You can write to us at this address:

Box 2186
750 02 Uppsala
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